Vienna , situated on the banks of the Danube, is a historic city par excellence. It was the capital of the Habsburg Empire for nearly seven centuries, and that of Austria since 1918 . As such, she was deeply marked by the reign of the first who shaped its architecture dramatically. The result, today, a mass of contradictions made ​​both bombast and obsolescence, classicism and modernity. outset, Vienna amazes by its romantic and flamboyant architecture that has earned him to be registered the World Heritage Site by Unesco .Monuments , many and all remarkable points are perfectly in line with the prestige of the city. It is a pleasure to stroll through magnificent avenues. 


However, very quickly, it appears "too much". Vienna reveals timeless with its blare and chamber music. Although the setting is romantic, but we constantly feel dusting its prestigious past.Fortunately, away from the tourist areas, the Austrian capital has reinvented itself. Foremost in its cultural policy. Museums, hitherto quite conservative, tend to show avant-garde collections and agree with the issues of contemporary society. Moreover, the number of contemporary art galleries did he not increased exponentially?Similarly, in the Strauss waltzes now meet sounds folk / rock from underground clubs of the capital. You understood, Vienna is a city of contradictions on which it is difficult to give an opinion. 


Generally, we love it or hate it. history of the city of Vienna The origin dates back to the sixth century before Christ. when the Celts founded a city named Vindobona. In 15 BC, the Romans are strong in the province of Pannonia in the fight against the Germans. Marcus Aurelius died there in the year 180. During the Middle Ages, Vienna became the capital of a duchy of the Babenberg family, earls and dukes of Austria (donated by Emperor Otto I). In the thirteenth century, King Ottokar of Bohemia tried to seize the duchy but he is defeated by the Habsburgs in 1278.


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